It's a long weekend here with a public bank holiday and the weather is great in the UK, not the usual for a bank holiday weekend.

But actually when it comes to making good long exposure images, good weather is often not the best. Clouds are often needed for added drama, and when I ventured out, none were really visible.

This is one of those evenings you think, staying at home is the best option. But the amount of times I have felt like that would mean that I would not have nearly as many images as I do and more importantly, I would not learn anything.

So out I went, and wandered around the my usual haunts on the river to try and find something different. I don't think I necessarily succeeded there but some images are better than none.

So, there are two images that made the cut for the blog. They are each taken from the top of the Twickenham Bridge each facing towards the river from each side of the bridge.

This image is facing towards Richmond from the Twickenham Road Bridge.

The above image is actually two images, I wanted to get a train moving, hence the need for the second image. Everything you see apart from the train is the first photograph which is a three and a half minute exposure.  The second image was just three second to get the movement of the train. I blue train was followed by a red train. I chose the red train to contrast with the pale blues of the sky. I don't usually go for square crops of my images but this one seem to work with that crop.

So then it was over the bridge, I was not particularly inspired, but ended up with this shot looking towards Isleworth.

So make this view, which I have looked at countless times, a little different from what I have done before I decided to avoid the temptation for a standard composition.

Richmond Lock is right at the top of the frame with the River, fading to near black at the bottom dominating the frame. This image is a 90 second exposure.

Both images are taken, just as and just after the sun departs where the oranges contrast with the blue light that starts to take over at the twilight progresses.