Thanks for visiting this news page - I do appreciate you having a look.

This page will probably be the most dynamic page on this newly launched site. I plan to create content on this page regularly.

So what will i post here, a mixture of tips, tricks, updates on new photography excursions that have either worked or not. I basically want this page to compliment the content on the rest of the site.

I may also highlight some of the images on the site is so far as discussing how they were made. 

First and foremost, I am looking for this page to be a forum for discussion, comments, ideas and questions on any of the content on the site. So, please do contribute.

The site has been in development for a LONG time, largely because I got so far with the design, realised I did not like something and started again.

The actual images now shown on the site have also been subject to constant revisions until I am happy with them - and even now I don't really want to look at them in case i want to edit them again.

But now we are 'live', and I do not really know what to expect, hopefully you will return.

Selling my work was actually not the main reason for creating my site however, I primarily wanted a place to display them in a way that I wanted to, and to generate discussion and hopefully up skill as a result.

What will I post next, to be honest I don't know - but it will be soon.