It's been a while since i posted, unplanned work trips and a holiday have contributed to the delay.

The unplanned work trips will be the subject of later posts. 

The holiday however, allowed me to go to Cornwall at the southern extremities of England and  make some images to add to the "Cornwall" collection that already exists on the site.

This post shows the images i made on the trip. Some will go into the "Cornwall" collection, some will not, but I am publishing all of them that I think are semi decent on this post anyway.

The images are from the south of Cornwall where is takes little more than half an hour to get to both the north or south coast, if you are staying in the middle which we were.

Locations include the coast around Godrevy Lighthouse, Porthreath, Kynance Cove, and the north coast where many of the derelict tin mines. I hope you enjoy them. 

More posts soon.