Spotlight On Old Isleworth Riverside

One of my favourite photo locations, close to where i live. You can almost forget you are anywhere near London sometimes when looking at this pretty riverside village. 

This is what it was in the past and I believe still is, but the cranes in some of these images are a sign that the monster that is London is ever expanding. These images are featured in "The River" collection.  I hope you enjoy these images from various points throughout the year at this great location.




Spotlight On Cornwall : Godrevy Lighthouse

Today, I have added a new 'Variations' section to the Cornwall collection. You will find it here and on the Cornwall Collection page. It focuses on one of my favourite locations in southern Cornwall, Godrevy lighthouse. Below is a taster image

Godrevy Lighthouse from half way across St Ives Bay in monochrome

Godrevy Lighthouse from half way across St Ives Bay in monochrome

The lighthouse sits on slightly offshore from a coastal outcrop, on Godrevy Island. Built in the 1850's, this lighthouse was a response to many ship wrecks caused by "the stones" around the coast. It always seems to over up something different and keeps pulling me back as a location.

Please contact me if you are interested in prints and / or mounts of any configuration.

Enjoy the summer




The Long Commute

I was very lucky recently to get the chance to go to New Zealand for a week recently with work. I missed the hottest day in the UK for 40 years and the jet lag was brutal, but I did bring the camera with me.

I visited Wellington on the North Island and did not really get the chance to travel elsewhere. It was mid winter, indeed the winter solstice when these images were taken.

Two of them offer a view of Wellington from the top of the cable car, actually a funicular railway. One of these images capture the train starting it's decent into the dawning Wellington day and another is a view over the whole of Wellington just before the solstice sunrise. The remaining image is a shot from the harbour front with a strange statue art installation in the foreground.

An exciting, if slightly frustrating trip as I wanted to see so much more of that wonderful country



South Cornwall : June 2017

It's been a while since i posted, unplanned work trips and a holiday have contributed to the delay.

The unplanned work trips will be the subject of later posts. 

The holiday however, allowed me to go to Cornwall at the southern extremities of England and  make some images to add to the "Cornwall" collection that already exists on the site.

This post shows the images i made on the trip. Some will go into the "Cornwall" collection, some will not, but I am publishing all of them that I think are semi decent on this post anyway.

The images are from the south of Cornwall where is takes little more than half an hour to get to both the north or south coast, if you are staying in the middle which we were.

Locations include the coast around Godrevy Lighthouse, Porthreath, Kynance Cove, and the north coast where many of the derelict tin mines. I hope you enjoy them. 

More posts soon.




Inside the Image : 'Behind The Scenes"

This is the first in a series of blogs where I will be taking one particular image and talking about how it was made. I thought I would talk about one that I made today first.

Usually I like to leave my images for at least two weeks before they see the light of day, this is to try and remove any initial self bias I have towards it. It is amazing how tempting it is to publish work because you spent a long time on it rather than because it is actually any good. Not looking at an image for a period of time helps to bring back perspective. So having said that, I have completely broken my rule with this image

A week long heatwave is beginning to break down and the night just gone was filled with thunderstorms. The air is warm and humid still and the clouds are low, slow moving and patchy - this is a good mix for long exposure photography. I spent about an hour trying to get this one probably double that editing it. Spending that long editing an image is a sure sign that you failed somewhat in the field. Here is the image.

"Behind The Scenes" By Paul Nolan

This is a composite of a 37 second and a 10 second exposure.

The 10 second portion is mostly the sky. I wanted the sky from that exposure as it included the sun shape visible and not over exposed behind the clouds. It also was short enough so as not to reflect the movement of the earth making the sun smear across the frame, which is so easy to do with long exposures with the sun and moon.

The rest of the image, the 37 second portion, if I am honest was the only one that really was of acceptable sharpness in the driftwood. Annoyingly, boats kept going by and their bow waves cause the driftwood to bob up and down ruining the effect I was trying to achieve.

I wanted to get all three bridges on this part of the river in this frame and they are there, albeit Richmond Bridge, the farthest away, is very small. 

I resisted the temptation to over saturate this image as it was actually quite a bleak morning. 

The editing took so long as I wanted to remove a portion of the original image where the concrete river bank was showing in the bottom right. It detracted from the composition but was a pain to remove.

I have added image  this to "The River" gallery.



Saturday Night Lights

It's a long weekend here with a public bank holiday and the weather is great in the UK, not the usual for a bank holiday weekend.

But actually when it comes to making good long exposure images, good weather is often not the best. Clouds are often needed for added drama, and when I ventured out, none were really visible.

This is one of those evenings you think, staying at home is the best option. But the amount of times I have felt like that would mean that I would not have nearly as many images as I do and more importantly, I would not learn anything.

So out I went, and wandered around the my usual haunts on the river to try and find something different. I don't think I necessarily succeeded there but some images are better than none.

So, there are two images that made the cut for the blog. They are each taken from the top of the Twickenham Bridge each facing towards the river from each side of the bridge.

This image is facing towards Richmond from the Twickenham Road Bridge.

The above image is actually two images, I wanted to get a train moving, hence the need for the second image. Everything you see apart from the train is the first photograph which is a three and a half minute exposure.  The second image was just three second to get the movement of the train. I blue train was followed by a red train. I chose the red train to contrast with the pale blues of the sky. I don't usually go for square crops of my images but this one seem to work with that crop.

So then it was over the bridge, I was not particularly inspired, but ended up with this shot looking towards Isleworth.

So make this view, which I have looked at countless times, a little different from what I have done before I decided to avoid the temptation for a standard composition.

Richmond Lock is right at the top of the frame with the River, fading to near black at the bottom dominating the frame. This image is a 90 second exposure.

Both images are taken, just as and just after the sun departs where the oranges contrast with the blue light that starts to take over at the twilight progresses.




Dusk Over Old Isleworth (Monochrome)

Here's tonight's effort at the end of a long working week. Drove down to the river, should have walked but time was tight with the light. 

The view is an old favourite, done slightly different this time. The sun is setting to our right meaning that I can use a polarising filter to make the blues in the sky darker blue. In addition I put a 10 stop neutral density filter which reduces the amount of light reaching the camera sensor 10 times.

The colour image was OK, but with the dark sky because of the polariser I thought this lended itself to a monochrome image.

Annoyingly this probably won't make it into my list of favourite images because there is movement showing in one of boats in the frame. Not really surprising for a 3 minute exposure - but annoying none the less.


Welcome To My Blog


Welcome To My Blog

Thanks for visiting this news page - I do appreciate you having a look.

This page will probably be the most dynamic page on this newly launched site. I plan to create content on this page regularly.

So what will i post here, a mixture of tips, tricks, updates on new photography excursions that have either worked or not. I basically want this page to compliment the content on the rest of the site.

I may also highlight some of the images on the site is so far as discussing how they were made. 

First and foremost, I am looking for this page to be a forum for discussion, comments, ideas and questions on any of the content on the site. So, please do contribute.

The site has been in development for a LONG time, largely because I got so far with the design, realised I did not like something and started again.

The actual images now shown on the site have also been subject to constant revisions until I am happy with them - and even now I don't really want to look at them in case i want to edit them again.

But now we are 'live', and I do not really know what to expect, hopefully you will return.

Selling my work was actually not the main reason for creating my site however, I primarily wanted a place to display them in a way that I wanted to, and to generate discussion and hopefully up skill as a result.

What will I post next, to be honest I don't know - but it will be soon.